Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

The Ace captures the true essence of the suit and in the case of swords, it is intellect. It is a symbol of possibility in the areas of intelligence, reason, justice, truth and clarity.

The sword points straight up (true perception) and pierces the crown of the material world. Wisdom and knowledge can take us beyond illusions to the truth.

Having said that, many of the swords cards suffer from the illusion that life contains nothing but pain and sorrow. Intellect in isolation will only create further such illusion. It is only when we combine intellect with intuition that we can find the truth. We need both emotions and intellect to get beyond this illusion of pain.

In readings, the Ace signifies that a seed of clear understanding has been planted in your situation. Use both your mind and your intuition to help you understand it.

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