Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

This card signifies the energy and creativity of the suit of Wands in its most basic form. It is therefore a symbol of possibility in the area of creativity.

It is a gift of power, strength, great sexual energy and the love of being alive. Look at how the leaves burst forth with so much energy that they become yods, the first letter of God's name. This gift comes to us from hands emerging from clouds. But, it is only by reaching the higher states of awareness of the later cards of the major arcana that we can truly understand this burst of elemental energy.

If you are starting something new, no other card could offer a better start. It gives eagerness and strength.

It also, at the same time, reminds us of humility. Ultimately, we have no moral basis to use this energy to overwhelm others.

Reversed, the card implies that a situation can have turned against us. It can also mean that we are unable to use its energy in a beneficial way so it can symbolise things falling into chaos. This can be through our actions or simply because things happened that way. Overconfidence? Overbearing? Ask yourself.

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