Five of Cups

Five of Cups

A card that deals with struggle, pain and sorrow. The person stands head bowed, showing sorrow but also in some ways, acceptance.

Cups show the emotional reaction to sorrow. The figure is focusing on the three cups that lie spilled and is either unaware or ignoring the two that still stand. First, she must accept the loss, then she will be able to turn round, pick up the cups, cross the river and go to the safety of the house.

In readings, this card can signify a hope that has failed. It can signify a recent loss or bereavement. If you are not sure to what it refers, think of it as a warning. Note, it can also infer that support is available from a friend (two cups resonates strongly with the Two of Cups).

Reversed, it can mean acceptance of the loss, support coming from a friend or awareness of what has happened. Perhaps what the three cups signify is seen now as less important than before. All of these can lead to way to better deal with the struggle.

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