Judgement signifies a calling, a call to change, to be reborn into a more meaningful existence. For many people, this may not be sudden change, just a realisation that we have reached a crossroads (signified by the cross in the flag) and that it is time to do things a new way. The old ways have simply been forgotten or have faded away.

The card is called Judgement because, like Justice, it is about coming to terms with past events and actions. However, unlike Justice which deals with one's own actions and consequences, Judgement is about your place in the wider scheme of things. It is about your place in all existence and your part in it along with all other beings.

In the card, a child stands between two adults with his back to us. This new existence is a mystery. We do not really truly know ourselves. We cannot until we hear and respond to the call (from the angel). And the presence of many people on the card reminds us that we cannot be truly free if one other person is imprisoned. We are all part of the human race and together we are responsible for its development.

In readings, it is a reminder that sometimes judgements are necessary. Sometimes you must decide and commit yourself. This is most likely to concern an important change. This could be mundane, or a complete rethink about how you lead your life.

Reversed, it indicates that you are trying to resist the call, trying to resist an important change, maybe through fear. All objections are excuses.

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