Justice is, as it says, about justice. I like to call this the Karma Card. It deals with decisions, cause and effect and what is right.

Life requires us to make decisions, once something is done it cannot be undone. Who we are is formed by the decisions and consequences of our past actions. Our future selves are formed by what we do now. Every event in our lives helps to shape us.

Many tarot readings deal with predicting the future. How can this be if the future is not set? We have free will. However, how we react to future events is predetermined by who we are and our past experiences. In order to become truly free, we must take responsibility for our past actions, otherwise we will just go on repeating ourselves.

In readings, we need to take into account what Justice means very carefully. The appearance of justice will tend to mean that things have worked out the way they were supposed to. That is to say, what's happening to you is driven by your past actions and who you are. In simple terms, you get what you deserve.

Secondly, it indicates a need to see the truth in the matter. This card is about absolute honesty. There is a possibility you can change the future by looking carefully at what you are doing now.

Reversed, the card means dishonesty with yourself and with others. It shows an unwillingness to accept the truth about events, hiding your head in the sand. Sometimes it can just mean that things are unfair. However, this unfairness is not a reason to avoid responsibility for our own actions.

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