King of Swords

King of Swords

The King of Swords represents the qualities and responsibilities of a king combined with the intellectual attitudes associated with the suit of Swords.

A king is a ruler, responsible for looking after a society. The King of Swords approaches this responsibility in an intellectual and analytical manner. He is articulate, just and ethical. A master of reason, he analyses problems with ease. This is a king who prides himself on his common sense attitude.

The card also reminds us of the difficulty faced in reconciling thought and action. We can think and think about a problem, but it is through action that it is ultimately resolved. The king's throne seems to be in the clouds. He can be arrogant and dismissive of those around him. He can be harsh, cold and judgemental.

In readings, think of a person like this who is involved in your situation. Is it you, is it someone else (the person can be male or female). How are they affecting your situation - is their energy helping or hurting?

Also, think of the actions the King of Swords might take - think about the problem, use your mind. Be just, be truthful, be ethical.

Reversed, his authority and strength can drift towards serving his own ends. It may simply mean a person in difficulty. Itself, it represents the arrogance of a powerful person seeking only control.

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