King of Wands

King of Wands

The King of Wands represents the qualities and responsibilities of a king combined with the energy, enthusiasm and creativity associated with the suit of Wands.

A king is a ruler, responsible for looking after a society. The King of Wands is a forceful, creative, inspiring and charismatic leader. He is strong willed and can dominate others through his will power. His power comes from his belief in himself and that his way is the best. He considers it only natural that others follow him.

He is honest, optimistic and positive.

On the flip side, such a strong personality can flip towards intolerance and an inability to understand weakness or despair. His attitude is pretty much "if I can do it, so can you".

In readings, think of a person like this who is involved in your situation. Is it you, is it someone else (the person can be male or female). How are they affecting your situation - is their energy helping or hurting?

Also, think of the actions the King of Wands might take - take a risk, lead the way - go for it.

Reversed, the cards alter their meaning to reflect the energy of the card reversed or blocked in some way. With court cards, if it refers to a specific person this can allude to them being disturbed or blocked in some way. Perhaps even having a bad influence.

The King's natural fire is shown after it has encountered obstacles and defeats that might frighten or discourage a weaker person. Because he is the King of Wands, he does not lose his force but it does become tempered and restrained.

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