Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

This is a card of dreams and fantasies. Unless we use our dreams to actually do something, they are just fantasies and we will never amount to anything.

The knight sits on his horse, lost in though, the river of creativity but a narrow stream, not actually doing anything.. One the one hand, he is romantic, imaginative and sensitive. On the other, overemotional, fanciful and temperamental.

In readings, this could represent you or another person. It could indicate you or this person is stuck, lost in your dreams and illusions. Is the energy of this knight helping or hurting your situation. Should you be looking to harness the energy of the knight and turn your dreams into action.

Reversed, the knight rouses himself and begins to take action. Or it could mean a person being pushed into action without realising or not liking it. Without outward resistance, resentment can build leading to tricks and lies.

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