Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

The knights are the extremes of the action, young men full of energy and bursting to get out there. Pentacles is the suit of practical matters.

Here, we see a young knight sitting on his horse gazing intently past his pentacle. Suggesting he has lost sight of the meaning of his life. No charging into battle at the first sign here. No sweeping all before him with his sword, nor wooing fair maidens. He is cautious and thorough, seeking to understand before leaping into action.

And that is his style, unwavering, cautious, thorough and hardworking, he is a bulldog in his approach. In pursuit of his goals, he is a hard worker with tremendous stamina.

On the negative side, this can descend into stubborn and obsessive behaviour. He can become a bit dull and pessimistic and it may be hard to ever get him to admit he is wrong.

In readings, someone with his cautious style is involved in your situation. Look for balance, is this person working too hard, or not hard enough?

Reversed, his cautious style is can be less evident indicating higher spiritual awareness. On the other hand, his cautious style can tend to intransigence. Sometimes it can mean a crisis.

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