Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

The young knight rides directly into the fray, waving his sword in his eagerness to overcome all difficulties. He is direct, incisive, brave, skilful, logical, yet he can tend towards wildness and even fanaticism.

Yet, often he doesn't know how to sustain this energy, how to keep going in a longer struggle. He expects all of life's problems to melt away underneath the force of his charge and his knowledge. When the situation requires a more considered, slow approach, he is in trouble!

This keenness suggests a kind of naivety, like a young knight yet to taste defeat in battle.

In a reading, ask yourself whether this energy, this knight's approach is helping or hurting. Does the knight represent you, or another person closely involved in the situation?

Reversed, his weaknesses take over. He can be blunt, overbearing, cutting, opinionated, careless and excessive. His charge becomes a wild overreaction to a situation that needs a more careful approach.

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