Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

The knights of the suits stand for action and movement. Wands is the suit of energy and creativity. Put these together and you get the Knight of Wands. Lacking the sureness and experience of the King and Queen, he bursts forth with untamed enthusiasm and charges in every direction.

On the one hand, he can be seen as daring, confident, charming, adventurous and passionate. His energy and passion for life is irresistible. Yet, because he tries to do too much at once he can be perceived as shallow, thoughtless, cocky, restless and so on.

With the right influences, the Knight of Wands can provide the right energy for great achievement.

In readings, ask yourself is this knight's energy helping or hurting. Are you trying to do too much? On the other hand, do you need to be more daring and passionate? And, does this relate to you or someone else involved in your situation?

Reversed, the energy is present but reversed in some way. Pulling in all directions can lead to a lack of harmony. Seeking battle at every opportunity, the young knight overstretches himself leaving him vulnerable. He can find his actions at odds with everyone.

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