Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

The nines are about compromises and struggles. Fire is all about strength, creativity, energy. Here, we see a man standing, battered but unbowed, protecting the wands behind him. This man is tough, he is strong, ready, valiant and ready for the next battle. He has stamina and perseverance.

However, this is the problem, Fire's predilection for fighting means they can often become trapped in a cycle of conflict, fighting one battle after another.

Look at the figure again. He is wounded (on the head - implies a psychic as well as a physical wound), he stands rigid and defensively. He is not whole, he has closed off his awareness of life beyond fighting.

In readings, this card can imply that your situation needs perseverance and stamina. It also may indicate that you have been hurt. Try not to become bitter, your experience will have strengthened you as well as hurting you. If this means nothing, consider it a warning!

Reversed, there a number of alternatives. One is that the defence has failed. You have become overwhelmed by the problem facing you. This suggests you should try another approach. Another is that it is time to give up the defence. It is all down to context.

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