Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords symbolises the experiences of sorrow and wisdom and the connection between them. She has experienced pain, faced it with courage, honesty and acceptance and now has found wisdom.

She has used her mental ability to free herself from doubt, confusion and fear. Her sword stands straight like that of Justice.

This is a woman who tells it exactly as it is. Honest, astute, even witty, she is refreshing in her candour and lack of pretence. She is nobody's fool.

In a reading, think and feel as she does. How would she react? Does she see the humour in the situation? Does she get to the point? Is she honest with herself? Does she know what's really going on? Be inspired by her energy.

Reversed, the emphasis is on sorrow. It can indicate someone who demands that everyone does as that person wills. If opposed, they can become a domineering, malicious bigot.

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