Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

The Queens represent the receptive element or yin of each element. She represents the element translated into appreciation and understanding. The Queen, like the King, is a ruler, but she rules more from the heart than the head.

This Queen sits on her throne as if planted there. Fire is about passion, energy and a warm appreciation of life. She sits there, legs apart (unlike any of the other queens) and just exudes sexual attraction. She has a deep faith in her own abilities. Her easy going manner means she has lots of friends and nothing seems to get her down. She is radiant, fit and healthy.

In front of her sits a black cat. In Christian folklore, the Devil gave a black cat to a witch to protect her. Sometimes life just seems to look after those who embrace it.

In readings, ask yourself if a person like this occurs in your situation. Or try and think and act as she would. Do you feel attractive, energetic etc? Be inspired by her.

Reversed, she can see life as being unfair and can descend into deceit and jealousy. Without care, she can become bitter and even unfaithful.

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