Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

In its simplest form, the Six of Pentacles is about resources and sharing. The man in the card is sharing his resources with those who don't have any. From this card, we can understand both sides, what it is to give and what it is to receive.

However, it also signifies a relationship where one person dominates others. He gives from a basis of superiority. The scales he holds are balanced - he likes to give and the other like to receive.

Taking this further, we can apply this situation to relationships. All relationships contain a bit of give and take. The question is whether the balance is right. In some situations, the dominant force may not be a person but a company, a boss or something like that.

The scales also mean that the man in the card is not acting out of generosity, he his simply giving what he can afford. This symbolises people who are superficially friendly, but hold back their deeper feelings.

Reversed, it means a lack of sharing, selfishness and abuse of power. It can be based on someone being challenged to be generous, or resentment at receiving charity. Or, an unstable and unsatisfying situation has occurred which requires the balance of give and take to change.

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