Six of Swords

Six of Swords

This is a strange and moving image of a man punting a woman and swords at twilight. It resonates with the myth of Charon rowing the dead across the Styx giving the card a more spiritual tone.

The card deals with despondency. The swords do not sink the boat and so signify that we carry our problems with us. We have got used to them. So, it can mean that we are dealing with a difficult situation, and may have been doing so for some time, and it is getting us down.

On a kinder note, the card can also simply mean travel, either physical or spiritual.

In readings, when you see this card, it indicates the situation may not be ideal but that you are coping. You are also moving towards a more positive place.

Reversed, there are various interpretations. One could be that the peace and balance is disturbed, the water is stirred up leading to a stormy journey or time. It may also mean that we are trapped, unable to move on. Or it could mean that after putting up with a situation for a while, trying to deal with it makes things worse. Or, it could mean communication, the two people looking at each other instead of in different directions.

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