Like the Chariot, Strength stands for control and victory. But where The Chariot is about will power and outward control, Strength is much more about soft control.

Consider the two cards, the Chariot is a man, in Strength we see a woman. Men are aggressive, women passive. Strength is more about inner control and emotions than the Chariot.

This type of strength comes from within. It is about compassion and patience. It is these inner qualities that help us to endure when times are tough. Strength represents the energy of quiet determination. Think how much strength is takes to deal calmly with frustration.

In readings, this card will appear when its qualities are needed. You have the inner strength to endure, have patience. It is all about having the inner strength to face life and particularly some difficult problem.

Reversed, the inner courage is missing, the ability to face life and its problems is gone. It signifies feelings of weakness and inadequacy.

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