The Chariot represented the ability to deal successful with life through willpower. However, as time goes by, the ego required for this becomes less a response to reality and more a string of habits. The 2nd line of the Major Arcana is about connecting with our inner selves. Temperance, below the Chariot, shows a person connected to the real world but in a much more meaningful way.

Temperance means moderation. In the tarot, it is a combination and balance, an ability to combine different aspects of life. Many people have different personas for different aspects of their lives. These separations are because they struggle to take life as it comes. Temperance is about combining these different aspects of life. Much of the symbology on the card supports this.

In readings, it can represent the need for moderation, especially if extremes are present (especially the knights). Compromise and cooperation are vital. It also stands for blending disparate elements to produce harmony. And it is a card of good health promising vitality and well being.

Reversed, it can mean tending to extremes, wild actions. It suggests a lack of awareness of what is appropriate. It warns that you have allowed your life to become fragmented. Simply, it says calm down.

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