Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

An interesting card that is deeper and more symbolic than it may seem at first glance. Tens of the suits are about completion. Pentacles, symbolising Earth, is about material and practical success.

In the card, we see two figures standing side by side through an opening. They are successful and rich. However, look more closely - they are not looking at each other. If anything, they are bored, taking it all for granted.

The pentacles on the card are arranged in the Tree of Life. There is a magic wand resting against the arch (the only wand in all the minor arcana). A carving of scales is on the wall signifying Justice.

In front of the opening sits an old man, ignored or unseen except by the dogs. He is a magical figure. The legend of Odysseus is that he returned after 10 years disguised as a beggar. Only his dog recognised him. He had returned from a wild journey and destroyed the evil that had taken root in his absence.

So this card, as well as alluding to the concepts of affluence and convention is also bringing a strong magical theme. Once again, we see that the materialistic world is an incomplete one, trapping us in the little dramas of our daily lives. Beyond, there so much to discover.

Reversed, the boredom is increased and convention is discarded leading to wild risks being taken. Beware that streak of restlessness.

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