The Empress

The Empress
The Empress embodies the emotional side of the female archetype. She represents mothering, nature, sensuality and passion.

She carries the sign of Venus within a heart on her shield. She sits in a field of grain. She wears nine pearls (nine planets) and 12 stars (signs of the zodiac) and so could be said to be wearing the universe as her jewellery.

Passion and abundance, the river behind her is the force of life, a great current that we can experience most fully when we let go and feel unrestrained passion.

The river also symbolises change, ever flowing, ever changing but still the same. Like our bodies, cells die and are replaced all the time.

The Empress also stands for motherhood, the basic means by which life continues. Throughout the world, motherhood is associated with nature (Mother Nature).

In readings, The Empress represents a time of passion, a period when we experience life through emotions rather than thought. It is deep and can be very satisfying. It can also mean abundance. Note, it can occasionally represent a stubborn emotional approach to a problem, refusing to accept facts.

Reversed, it can represent a withdrawal from emotions, a suppressing of desires. It can also mean a new intellectual awareness, solving a problem through calmly thinking it through.

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