The Fool

The Fool

In one aspect, the Fool is the image of a free spirit. But think of this. The Fool is at the start of the journey through the major arcana. Imagine entering a strange new world full of magicians, people hanging upside down, people taming lions, riding chariots pulled by sphinxes. Would you be a fool to do it?

If you are willing to make the leap, it can lead to joy, adventure and ultimately peace and liberation. Not to say that it is an easy journey by any means.

The Fool in the card carries a rose (white for purity, rose for passion). He carries his experiences in his bag. On his shoulder is a wand, a symbol of power. And he's carrying his bag with it!

In essence, this card reminds us of the unlimited potential and spontaneity possible in every moment.

In readings, he can symbolise beginnings. He is about to start down the hill on a journey himself. This could be a new beginning or a change of direction. Keep your faith and be yourself.

Reversed, one meaning is recklessness, crazy schemes, wildness, all coming from a failure to act from inside. Another meaning is a greater awareness, that chances should only be taken at the proper time.

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