The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

After the trials and tribulations of having your past actions judged by Justice comes peace and tranquillity.

The Hanged Man is a card of peace. He hangs from a tree, upside down, with a serenity that calms all around. The fact that he is upside down again alludes to the spiritual self. Many religions connect being upside down as releasing the inner, spiritual energy. A reversal of attitude, a reversal of energy symbolises spiritual awakening and leads to peace. The Hanged Man feels truly free whereas many of us who feel free are unaware that we are still being buffeted by unseen forces and events around us.

The Hanged Man also represents paradox in our lives. The truths and solutions are hidden in their opposites. You win by surrendering. Think of Aslan in "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe". He defeats the Witch by first surrendering without a fight which turns the Witch's magic back on herself.

In readings, the Hanged Man can indicate that you have, or will soon have peace after a trying situation. Be who you are, even if others think you have everything backwards. Also, look for the paradoxes in your situation - the solution may be where you least expect it.

Reversed, it means you are denying yourself in some way. You are fighting your inner self, going against your intuition. In a way, you are unable to accept reality.

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