The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit goes in two directions, one inner and one outer. He represents the need to withdraw from the getting and spending of society and to focus on the inner world. At the same time, he can represent a teacher or guide you will show us how to start this process ourselves. This teacher could be a therapist, occult teacher or an inner or spirit guide.

The Hermit stands alone on a cold peak. He has left the world behind so that he can focus on the inner mind. This inner mind is rich with symbols, joy, light and love of spirit. In order to apprehend these images, we need to experience the mind alone and away from the noisy distractions of modern life.

The Hermit signifies a transition. Through meditation or other discipline, we connect with our inner psyche, our inner self. We seek a deeper truth and understanding. Later, we can experience rebirth.

In a reading, this card can mean withdrawal and contemplation. It can indicate that help from a guide is at hand or required. This can be a therapist, a close friend or your inner self.

Reversed, the withdrawal is somehow corrupted, it can mean a fear of solitude, a fear of other people. The act of withdrawal becomes the driving force leading to phobias and paranoia. It can also sometimes mean a Peter Pan attitude to life. A person hanging on to meaningless activities, avoiding responsibilities with a childlike attitude.

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