The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers is all about Relationships, sexuality and values. It asks us what functions do sex and love ultimately serve in our lives?

Most people go through life bound within their egos and behind their masks. By surrendering to sexual passion, they can at least for a moment transcend their isolation

Sexual drive leads away from isolation into important relationships. Through love we achieve a unity with someone else and gain a glimpse of the deeper meanings of life. Only together can the figures on the card see the angel above

If the triangular motif of the two figures represents the dualities of life, then the mediator, the larger figure above, is love.

The Lovers is also about choice. In fact, it was originally called Choice. It referred to minor or major crisis in a person's life, people living outwardly respectable lives yet inner turmoil, tormented by desire, urges for adultery, violence or simply to up sticks and wander. It sometimes signified adolescence, the individual emerging and starting to develop their own personality, to make choices.

In readings, the Lovers refers to the importance of love in a person's life. The card implies a specific relationship, probably a marriage or a long relationship. If the reading is about a problem, the card indicates help in some way, perhaps through emotional support. However, if in a position referring to the past, can refer to a crippling nostalgia for a past love

It can also refer to an important choice and the questions that need to be asked.

Reversed, it indicates immature love or childish fantasies.

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