The Moon

The Moon

After the Star comes the Moon. This is a card of the imagination. It takes the abstract images from the Star and moulds them into things we can understand.

The Moon reflects the light of the sun, hidden below the earth. It has inspired feelings of strangeness throughout the centuries, indeed the word lunacy comes from the fact that at the time of the full moon, some people act in a strange way. This happens even today.

On the card, the dog and wolf represent our inner animal self, roused by the moon, howling at it. The crayfish symbolises the monsters that lurk just out of site, never taking shaping yet inspiring the deepest terror we can feel. The road leads through two towers - a gateway to unknown places and adventures.

The Moon tells us we must open ourselves and accept our fears if we are to progress and achieve a higher level of enlightenment.

The Moon also can indicate menstruation and issues arising from it. Strangely out of sorts emotions and male lack of understanding.

In readings, the card asks you to beware of false impressions - they may be leading you astray. It signifies a time of strange feelings, emotions, you find yourself feeling more intuitive, more in touch with your inner self. Go with it, see where it leads you.

Reversed, we try to fight the energies of The Moon with our conscious self. But you cannot win, you must let go and open yourself to your fears, only then can you find the way and the adventures that await.

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