The Star

The Star

After the storm, peace. Having gone through all the emotional upheaval in Death, one finds a sense of calm.

Just looking at the card, you can see it is infused with hope, generosity, serenity and inspiration. It should leave you feeling uplifted and blessed.

The imagery pulls together the outer and inner energies. Water, as before, signifies the inner self. Water is poured onto both land and into the pool indicating the energy s poured inwards and outwards. It is poured freely, The Star confident in the knowledge that it will replenished by life.

Note, while very positive, The Star is not a card of practical solutions. Hope is only the beginning.

In readings, this card is welcomed when grief and despair have overwhelmed is. There is hope. The card expresses a sense of healing and wholeness.

Reversed, we are unable to use the card's calm and hope. This can translate into fear and impotence, sometimes masked as arrogance. If the Star shows a link between us and the spirit world, then reversed the link is closed. The outside can only become tired and depressed.

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