The Sun

The Sun

The Sun, like the Hanged Man above it, signifies joyful release after the test faced in the previous card. Justice required one to confront previous actions and accept the consequences and so the Hanged Man is passive. The Moon requires passive surrender as we cannot hope to control the visions it creates within us, so the Sun is active and energised.

Under the Sun, everything becomes joyous. It is brilliant, radiant, sparkling. Its energy makes us shine. Think how much your spirits are lifted when the sun finally comes out after days of cloud and rain.

In all earth cultures, enlightenment has similar characteristics. People see the light, are struck by light and so on. The person feels totally alive with a child like joy. And having travelled through the fears inspired by the Moon, they are no longer afraid.

The spring sun brings life after winter's dark months. The child on the card symbolises a burst of freedom. The grey stone wall represents the past life bound in a narrow perception of reality.

In readings, the Sun simply stands for joy and happiness. In its deepest meaning it means seeing the world in a whole new light.

Reversed, the good things are not lost but confused. The Joy is there, just not so obvious and you may have to work at it to feel it.

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