Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Look at this card. Two people are presenting each other with cups, the attraction is strong, the electricity almost bursting from the card. Above we see the winged lion over the caduceus of Hermes, symbol of wisdom and healing. The lion symbolises sexuality and the wings Spirit.

This card signifies the potential for bonding - for the union between any two entities. It shows us how two people by uniting their separate qualities and abilities can become more together than either would ever be alone.

Look for connections in your life, one to one connections. If you are in conflict, seek a truce.

Reversed it shows a breakdown of the ideals shown above for the card the right way up. This could mean a relationship gone sour, perhaps through jealousy or a breakdown in trust. It may just mean the end of a relationship. Depending on the cards around it, it can signify a relationship troubled by external pressures.

It may also mean infatuation, when someone pretends a relationships means more than it really does. Or, it can mean just going through the motions.

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