Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

Brimming with symbology, the Wheel of Fortune represents the ever turning circle of life. We are all part of the Wheel of Life but, bound by our egos, we are too small to understand the whole. Sometimes we refer to fate, but this is not entirely what it's about. We set our own fate, but activities around us that are out with our control can and will affect us.

In the four corners of the cards, we find the four fixed signs of astrology. This symbolises the zodiac, the cycle of the earth around the sun, the sun around the galaxy within the Great Wheel of the visible universe.

In the Wheel, we find the four letters of the original name of God, Yod, Heh Vav, Heh. Interspersed is an anagram that decodes to "The Wheel of Tarot Speaks the Will of Ator". The law of eternal life, the body dies but the soul continues.

This theme of death and rebirth carries on through the three figures surrounding the wheel. The snake represents Seth, Egyptian god of evil and bringer of death. The jackal headed man represents Anubis, the guide for dead souls and therefore giver of new life. The sphinx represents Horus, god of resurrection. Life has triumphed over death.

In readings, it indicates changing circumstances, most likely subject to forces outside of your control. An example might be a company takeover leading to you losing your job. A relationship ending but without fault on either side - life goes on. You may not even understand the forces behind the change.

Reversed, it signifies a struggle against events that is usually likely to fail. The change will happen regardless. It can, if the person accepts the change and looks forward, open the way to a new awareness of your responsibility for your own life.

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