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Where does the time go. In a blink of an eye, over a year has passed.


Tarot Readings

Are you looking for guidance on a question or problem?

Tarot Readings by Adrian Doyle

Tarot is an exciting and useful tool that can help guide us in achieving our goals in life. Unlike other tools of guidance, the Tarot gets directly to the point, brings your attention to the problem and helps you work out the solutions.

It is also important to realise that tarot is not about telling fortunes or predicting the future. They are about helping you to gain a better understanding of life and its issues. You can then use this understanding to shape your future for the better.

So, if you are seeking guidance, help with a pressing issue, the tarot can be very helpful, if a little direct!

I offer both Face to Face readings and Distant readings (via email). All my readings are personal, I interpret the cards for your situation, not just regurgitate their standard meanings. All my readings are also in the strictest confidence (and in line with the ethics set out by TABI.

Distance Readings

For distance readings please:

Distance readings are £7.50 for 3 cards and £30 for a full reading of up to 12 cards (using an applicable spread, e.g. the Celtic Cross). I accept payments through PayPal.

Face to Face Readings

To make an appointment for a Face to Face reading in Somerset, then please please contact me by e-mail by clicking on my address or by phone on 07967 682433 to arrange a mutually convenient time. Face to face readings are £75.

All sessions, readings and any information provided are fully confidential.

What others have said

you are very talented and yes the cards are very accurate and your interpretation is fantastic ........... i fully agree with it all ... it has just confirmed what i feel and that is very helpful

lunar phases
email: phone: 07967 682433